lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Afraid to...

I feel like something is wrong
and I dont know what
perhaps is something that is going to happened...
or maybe is something wrong with my mind
should i ask first or should i wait??
Perhaps tomorrow could be too late

I feel like something is in the middle
Or suddenly this way start to change
Am I agreeing with this change?
Should I take it, perhaps I just need just to wait

I really feel you so different and I don´t know why
I feel you so far of me, even if you are by my side
It is real or is just my imagination or my fear??
and that’s why I’m waiting to you take the first step...
perhaps its a cruel game of my mind
or maybe is just a intuition that feels my heart

I think I need to be patient, but for how long…
I think I´m afraid and I don’t want to be with out you
I think I´m in love and I am afraid to fall down again…
I don’t know If I can hold a break in the heart again.

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