jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

For reall I love U

We were born to live born to dream our destiny is to die our mission is to love

But how can u love if the persone that u really love do not want to be loved....
How can u love if you place your heart in a silver tray for someone and then u found it on a thousand of pieces....
How u can love if nobody love U
I wanna love U, i want u to love me...

I wanna love U, for every moment in my live
I wanna be with U, for the rest of my life
I wanna spend my life by your side

But how can i love u, if u never will love me
How can i love u if u never placed your eyes on me
How can i love u if i'm not a part of your life, i never was

The love can not be thought it can just be feel
I never thought to love u, i didn't wanna love u
I just felt this beatufull passion
Actually i love U... i really love u

But now i will remember all the good memories
I will love every second, every minute, every day
Until the end of my history...
Until the end of my life....

U can count on me
U will live on my heart for ever and ever...
Please do not forget me cuz i will not do it...

Just Remember, for reall i love U!!!!!

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